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Full-moon Studio Photography Session
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If you have missed the optimal time for a newborn shooting, you can select our Full-moon studio photography session during Day 15 to Day 40 after the baby was born.

During the 3-hours of shooting, our experienced and professional photographer will patiently simulate the shooting as we are taking photo for a newborn. We would also take some photos when the baby is awake.

  • Suitable to 5-15 days after the birth
  • The shooting lasts 3 hours
  • The props and backdrops are provided 
Mini Package
HKD 3,300



  •  1 hr of Studio Shooting

  • 3 looks

  • 8 image with basic retouching (Picked by photographer)

  • 1 Family Portrait

  • Google Drive Deliver

Standard Package
HKD 4,700



• 2 hours of Studio shooting
• 4-5 looks
• 1 Limited look
• 60-80 images with basic retouching
• 12 images with advanced retouching
• Family Portraits
• USB Deliver

Premium Package
HKD 5,000


  • 3 hours of Studio shooting

  • 6-8 looks

  • 3 Limited looks

  • 150-180 images with basic retouching

  • 15 images with advanced retouching

  • Family Portraits

  • USB Deliver

  • Weekend Fee wave

Reminders : 
  1. The prices listed above is for weekdays. HKD$800 is charged when the shooting is scheduled on the weekends and public holidays. 

  2. Full-moon studio session needs to be reserved 2 months before the expected date of delivery. The confirmation of the reservation would only made after we receive the deposit. If there is any changes of the shooting date, please notify us by no later than 2 days before the shooting. Only one-time change is allowed. 

  3. For mini package, our photographer is going to select the photos for retouching. 

  4. The shooting space needs to be at least 2m x 2m. 

  5. All rights of the photos are reserved to Mouton Photography. Once you use our services, it means you agree on the exhibition of the photos including websites, magazines, books, posters, exhibitions, competitions and any legal use. If you have any objections, please consult us before making a deposit. Thank you for your cooperation.

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